Jan Hollan
Fri, 2 Feb 2001 18:02:36 +0100 (CET)

There exists a Czech (or Slovak) mailinglist since mid 2000 already
on this computer, namely http://amper.ped.muni.cz/svetlo.

However, many problems are almost the same in the surrounding countries, 
as are the solutions including the same fixtures, available on the
regional market.

So it seems reasonable to have discussion in German and English as
well. I am looking forward to communication within Austria,
Germany, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia etc. 

Do not be shy to write in Deutsch if it's easier for you. For another
people, it will be a welcome possibility to excise German at least by
reading, which is really a must in Central Europe. Otherwise a prevailing
part of its culture and history would remain unaccessible to us, living on
the territory of the former (and sometimes with nostalgia remembered)
``Danube empire''.

Welcome in the Central European Light Pollution conference.

Jeník Hollan

PS. a technical note: 

please, NO ATTACHMENTS, neither html alternatives of your letters!
Instead, give their URLs. Otherwise the archive would be very, very bad.

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