[CCD-CR] prirucka o CCD fotometrii

Petr Pravec ppravec at asu....cz
Tue Apr 2 11:55:48 CEST 2002

Ahoj vsichni (kdo se zajimate o CCD fotometrii).

Forwarduji informaci z MPML o nove prirucce, kterou sepsal
Bill Romanishin (zabyva se hlavne fotometrii vzdalenych planetek,
TNOs a Kentauru).  Ma to byt na urovni uvodniho kursu.  Pokud
tomu chcete nekdo udelat pro ostatni lidi zde "recenzi", lidi
to urcite oceni, at vedi, jakou to ma uroven.

Preji hezky den.    Petr Pravec

--- In mpml at y....., Bill Romanishin <wjr at p.....> wrote:

Hello Richard Kowalski

    I have written an introductory textbook on how to do photometry
with CCDs.  I have made this available for free over the web for a 
or so, and have had a number of astronomers (some from MPML) download
and use my book and send me emails saying it was very useful (well
worth the asking price!)

    If you wish to include a link to this book on the MPML FAQ, I 
be honored.

    The book can be found starting at http://observatory.ou.edu
and following the link
right before the picture of our mighty 16 inch which ends the intro
page-  the section is called "Dr Bill's Photometry Textbook and ASTR 

    I also have a section on how amateurs can contribute to 
Centaurs (section called "Centaur Watch").  I gave a talk about this 
the Tucson meeting last May, and had a paper in the meeting 
but have had no response from amateurs, so maybe there isn't any 
in this kind of project(?) but you might mention that in the FAQ as 
if you like.

    Let me know if you have any questions

    Many thanks for all your effort on MPML!

Bill Romanishin

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