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Zasilam jeden majl. Kbyby se vse provedlo jak se zde pise, tak by 
uz byla asi Lenka stastna...a my ostatni taky...

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Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 10:41:46 -0800
From: Richard Berry <rberry at wvi...>

Hi Michael--

> My favorite interface would be a 100 base T....

In my option, 100 base T is the obvious way to go.

100 Base T is fast, good for a 100-meter cable run, and standard across
Wintel, Apple, and UNIX platforms. It makes the next logical step in CCD
development -- remote world-wide CCD operation via internet -- an easy
The guys at Apogee are thinking in terms of 100 base T, so it's going to
sooner or later.

The other side is software. We need a standard CCD operating language so
that a
command set shared by all CCD cameras would run them. The host computer
send a series of setup commands followed by a "Shoot Image" command. At
the end
of the integration time, the CCD camera would return a FITS-formatted

Perhaps it's too obvious to point out that future telescope mounts
should be 100
base T compatible too.


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