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The file "svetlovnoci.sav" contains data from which the report on public views about light-at-night, verejnost_noc.pdf (see the parent directory), has been created by the FOCUS agency. The file has a SPSS DATA FILE format; apart from the SPSS package itself, it can be handled by GNU PSPP and r-project packages (in linux as well).

The questions, on which this file is based, are visible in the query "dotaznik_svetlo_v_noci.pdf".

Copyright for both files belongs to the FOCUS agency. People who would like to futher the research begun by FOCUS agency (in Czech, in ../verejnost_noc.pdf report), should contact the leader of the research team, Jan Hollan.

Another file, dotaz_vysl.txt, contains responses to the Martin Forejt's inquiry, which is contained (in Czech) in the main research report.