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The czlaw_en.* text in this directory was a preliminary translation of the first (2002) version of the Czech ``Clean Air Act''. Some excerpts from it are in czairlaw3.htm.

After its amendment from 2004, the Clean Air Act contains less items on the pollution by light at night (there is a definition and a right for the local governments to ban skybeamers). Comments on these changes are contained within an appended lecture 03fall.pdf (66 KB).

Our work on the Czech legislation was not in vain. A draft, which could be employed anywhere in the world, emerged from it: see the introduction to it, eu_lawNov04.htm. A bit more current info on the pollution by light in Czechia see at

In January 2006, based on August proposal for the Parliament, an English version of the proposed new chapter of the Clean Air Act has been published, see Jan06 subdirectory. We believe it to be the shortest set of rules existing up to date, and still being able to cure the deteriorated night environment.

Jenik Hollan