Illuminance plots of 5 lights investigated by Christopher Baddiley

luminance scale

Values below the scale are illuminance / 1 lx. This is for (unrealistic) “unit” case that luminaires would have lamps producing 1 klm each and would be 1 m over the terrain. A more realistic case would be lamps producing 10 klm each and being 10 m over the terrain: then the illuminances would be just 10× less.

Each plot consists from two parts. At its right side, illuminance produced by a single luminaire is shown. This is right from the vertical axis corresponding to the 0-180 azimuth axis (0 is upwards). To the left from this axis, a result for a a continuous row of luminaires positioned five pole heights apart is shown. The horizontal axis is 90-270 one, just below the row of luminaires. In the photometric files, however, the azimuths have various origins (0, 90, 180). White dots in the plots mark one column height.






Jenik Hollan, December 2006