Several members of the Astronomical Society of Victoria and its Outdoor Lighting Improvement Section provided encouragement and comments on draft material; in particular, Geoff Dudley, Deputy Director of the Section, and Roger Davis, who pioneered interest in lighting improvement in the Society. Members of the International Dark-Sky Association , the British Astronomical Association's Campaign for Dark Skies , the Sydney Outdoor Lighting Improvement Society , Sensible and Efficient Lighting to Enhance the Nighttime Environment SELENE, NY State) and other groups for the improvement of outdoor lighting offered much encouragement and useful information.

James Benya (USA), Dr Dave Crawford (USA), Bob Crelin (USA), Bob Mizon (UK), Dr Steve Pauley (USA) and others commented on draft material and offered useful suggestions. Gail Clyma (USA), Dr Jenik Hollan (Czechia) and Dr Paul Marchant (UK) corresponded helpfully at length about the work over many months. Professor David Farrington (UK) pointed out numerous faults in parts of an early draft and provided journal paper reprints, allowing substantial improvements to be made in accuracy and objectivity. It is a pleasure to acknowledge the extent of all of this support. Mention of individuals or organisations anywhere in this document does not imply their agreement with or responsibility for the content of this document.

Finally, this report exists only because the very patient support of my dear wife made it possible.

B. A. J. Clark