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Re: Skeptical Science Translations: Roll call and setting the stage for 2014

Hallo Bärbel,

ich habe etwa 20 Argumenten teilweise fast bereit. Sie waren von unseren Studenten irgendwie übersetzt und bei mich grob korrigiert, so dass ich konnte die Marken geben. Ich hoffe diese Koncepte bis April publizieren.

Mehr kann ich leider jetzt nicht machen.

Alles grüne im 2014 wünscht


There is one tumblestone in understanding emissions and mitigation - the horrible GtC and GtCO2 "unit". There are no various kg for water, wheat, coal or aluminium. All gigatons are equal, if considered units of mass. One could just speculate, if GtC is meant as a novel unit of http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stoffmenge - equal to 1/12 Pmol. Then GtCO2 would be equal to 1/(3.67*12) Pmol...

It's a real tumblestone, as I observed many times. At the end people think wrongly that it means 3.67x more than it really does, or 3.67x less.

An example in Czech, how it could be handled properly, is my translation of SPM.10, at http://amper.ped.muni.cz/gw/ipcc_cz/ar5/Fyzikalni_zaklady/figures_cz/

The bottom axis should not read

"Cumulative total anthropogenic CO2 emissions from 1870 (GtC)"


Cumulative total anthropogenic emissions of oxidized carbon since 1870 / Gt

or even more simply

Cumulative total anthropogenic emissions of carbon since 1870 / Gt

as non-oxidized soot is just 1/1000 of them.

Other consequences of using such stupid "unit", a mixture of true unit and a chemical symbol, are misleading formulations like "emissions of fossil CO2" - in a sense not speaking about volcanism, but about fossil fuels.

I have a long experience that not adhering to NIST recommendations leads to misunderstanding and is a obstacle to education, sometimes unsurmountable.

Maybe this nonsense common in IPCC documents, and even in journals, might be discussed at sks - especially if another people feel like me. I'll send you a copy of a letter, which I send in various versions to IPCC TS teams since years, apparently with no reaction from them.

Hi Folks!
Before 2013 comes to a close, I'd like to touch base with you to find
out if you are still interested in and able to help with the
translation activities at Skeptical Science. We are trying to find