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light pollution

Dear Mr Hollan,

I heard the very inspiring programme on BBC Radio 4 about you a fortnight
ago and was delighted to hear of your efforts and the new law.

I am an architectural historian by profession and have also loved the stars
since I used to lie in the streets of Leeds as a child in the 1960s. At that
time we still had gas lamps and so could see so much more than now.

I tried to raise the issue of light pollution last year in relation to
floodlighting historic monuments on the Heritage Committee of the Society of
Antiquaries of Scotland but was met with polite disinterest. My concerns
were loss of visibility of the stars, waste of energy (especially since
nuclear companies like to sponsor such floodlighting), and loss of
authenticity in being able to enjoy historic monuments in darkness.
Floodlighting sanitises monuments and removes mystery.

I will look at what I can find about your law and perhaps try to raise the
issue again in Scotland.

With thanks for your vision and persistence,

Ian Campbell

(Dr) Ian Campbell
10 Harbour Place
EH15 1TQ
tel +44 131 657 3237