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images from the Gathering


I've put tonight my photos from the ESBN gathering in Wösendorf to
   Linkname: European Strawbale Gathering 2002: images
        URL: http://amper.ped.muni.cz/jenik/sb/gath2002/

 -- they do not much illustrate what was going on, but rather technologies
and details or landscape views which have been interesting to me. Our
swimming in the Danube on Sunday afternoon is not documented, just my
colleague Ludvík drying himself afterwards...

The images are free for your use. 

Thank once more to all the organisers, it has been so useful and pleasant.


 another my images documented the lamps (fully shielded ones mainly)
 I saw during the last week. The first ones are from Brno. See the
   Linkname: Some fully shielded lamps (Lower Austrian ones mostly)
 -- some of them are from the Weißenkirchen piers. 

 (My anti-LightPollution activities are at http://www.astro.cz/darksky )