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Frosinone success


thank you very much for the article on Frosinone in English (I got it
``long ago'' already, just was in a constant hurry). I'll translate it
into Czech as soon as possible. Perhaps some digital images would help,
digitizing the xerox ones would not be the best way -- I'll try to find
them on lightpollution.it.

The idea of simply changing the plastic lenses to flat glass ones is
excellent, in Prague they have huge amounts of Schr├ęder MC2 lamps and in
Brno we have (tens of perhaps) thousands of GE M250 lamps, for both the
producers offer a flat glass. It's just a matter of least cost supplier of
so huge amounts of tempered glasses. I'd be inclined to ask for low-iron
glasses (AFG would have to make them probably), as used for the best solar
collectors, their visual transmissivity is some 2 per cent higher and it
would be an interesting start of using them for fixtures.

clear skies for the I-Z (I got the last good view on March 11, yesterday
barely saw some tail through a cloud)