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      1. Subject: Closure of Cineplex Movie Theatres
           From: "Kim Hay" <kimhay@kingston...>
      2. Re: My letter to City Council
           From: ctstarwchr@aol...
      3. National Attention to Loss of Night Sky
           From: "Reg Wilson" <regrw@acay....au>
      4. Re: Subject: Closure of Cineplex Movie Theatres
           From: "Paul Greenhalgh" <fvas@home...>
      5. Sad but true! Aurora Reflectus???
           From: "Paul Greenhalgh" <fvas@home...>


Message: 1
   Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 09:43:14 -0500
   From: "Kim Hay" <kimhay@kingston...>
Subject: Subject: Closure of Cineplex Movie Theatres

Good Morning,

By now I am sure that you know that the
Loews Cineplex  Entertainment  Corp. has announced the
closure of 23 of its  Canadian theatres  

Listed below are the ones in British Columbia.  Angela Squires,  if
you  are on the list, is the one in Vanvouver the one that the  Light
Pollution  Committee  has been fighting ?  

Abbotsford: Clearbrook, immediately. 
Vancouver: Pinetree on Feb. 20; Station Square

This is good news for the light pollution aspect, providing the 
lights in the  parking lot get turned off, but not good news for 
those loosing their jobs.  

For the whole story on what other Canadian theatres will be  
closed, see  the following URL.  


Kim Hay  

Chair- Kingston Centre RASC  

Light Pollution Abatement

Moonlight Cascade Observatory/BBS
Astronomy-RASC,SARA,ALPO/AAVSO-Solar Section
NAMN-Meteor Observing,Ham Radio-VA3KDH


Message: 2
   Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 14:47:37 EST
   From: ctstarwchr@aol...
Subject: Re: My letter to City Council

In a message dated 2/15/01 11:30:15 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
efitzpat@visteon... writes:

> I handed copies of my letter for the Council members and Mayor to the City
> Clerk on February 8th.  I haven't heard anything yet.  Any suggestions on
> what to do next or what to expect would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Eric:

You have done a marvelous job assembling a good selection of obtrusive and 
neighbor friendly lighting examples!  This new web page that you put together 
will make an excellent awareness raising medium for your community and many 
others also.  This page is a definite must to go on the LiteLynx List!  Many 
others will thank you for assembling it, if not directly, at least in their 
hearts and efforts to establish more comprehensive outdoor lighting 
administration in their areas.  

Suggestion for your web page:  If you could provide a side-by-side example of 
*acorn.jpg* taken during the daytime (the same luminaire and vantage point), 
this would help others easily identify these kind of luminaires.  Most people 
think of squirrels and oak trees when they hear the word *acorn* and they do 
not attribute it to any type of outdoor light luminaire.

As to where to go next -- If possible, try to arrange to give brief outdoor 
lighting presentations to the public groups in your community.  The Lions 
Club is an excellent place to begin, because they are always looking for 
interesting speakers AND their primary objective is to help people with bad 
vision.  The members are often business owners and a successful presentation 
before them could allow you to network additional connections that would also 
be beneficial.  

If using a slide presentation, select the best 20 slides you can find that do 
just what your web page does -- show good and obtrusive examples and explain 
the benefits and legacies of each one.  Let people know that after they leave 
this presentation, they may find themselves cursing the obtrusive lighting 
they discover.  Ask them to take notes of where the obtrusive lights are and 
then call the zoning department to complain about them.  Many people do 
notice but they never do anything about it, and this is what allows these 
conditions to remain unaddressed.

Involving your audience directly is paramount when giving any presentation.  
I always try to speak with a few people before giving a presentation and then 
work their experience or discoveries into the content of my presentations.  
Ask them questions and then address the answers you receive with a *how we 
can fix that* kind of example.  This provides a direct link to the audience 
that lets them understand you are speaking *to* them with the intent of 
improving the community rather than speaking *at* them about what this 
proposal might take away.  

This technique does, however, preclude the ability to follow a *scripted 
presentation* sometimes, but that's OK, because a presentation that is 
adapted to the needs and concerns of the crowd is always the most effective.  
Enable others by assuring they CAN have a part in this positive community 
change if they contact their local officials requesting support of your 
proposal to improve the safety, long term economic sustainability and the 
overall nighttime appearance of the community because everyone benefits.

If you can offer a succinct handout that briefly explains the benefits of 
outdoor lighting regulation and why it is so desperately needed, this will 
help.  It is also helpful to include a list of resources (Internet web 
address are great) where people can find other examples of ordinances or 
enlightening information related to the subject.  Literally EVERYONE has 
access to the Internet today whether they own a computer or not -- just visit 
any public library.  Also, include the names of the people in the town hall 
to contact and provide their addresses (email too) and telephone numbers in 
your handout literature.  

Most important of all when making any kind of presentation -- be honest.  
Nothing builds credibility better than the truth and bona fide examples that 
can back it up.  If you do not know the answer to someone's question please 
don't be afraid to say those three words that many seem to falter on:  "I 
don't know."  :-)  Get the person's contact information and if you are 
willing to put in the time, discover the answer through research and let them 
know you will get back to them when you find out.  Follow through, and if you 
cannot find the answer, let them know that you tried to find it but couldn't.

Next -- try to get on the agenda of your town's public meeting to briefly 
present your case for the need to address obtrusive outdoor lighting in your 
community.  Ask other people who are sympathetic to this concept to join you 
at that meeting to show their support, and also maybe pitch in to speak up 
briefly about this need too.  Just their heads nodding in approval carry a 
lot of weight with town councils, too.  

The world is run by those who show up at the meeting!  All to often, those of 
us who do care very much about these issues find ourselves filling our time 
with other things rather than making the necessary sacrifice to attend town 
meetings.  It all boils down to priorities -- what is more important, 
tonight's issue of "Survivor" or "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" on TV, or 
directly affecting an enhanced quality of life in our communities?  More 
people need to ask themselves that question and break out of their *comfort 
zone* to get out there and attend town meetings.  The democratic process 
cannot work in our favor if we don't leave the couch (or the little window 
where you are reading this message).  This was not directed to you Eric, 
because you are doing this already.  I applaud your efforts.

You are off to an excellent start.  The very best of luck with your efforts 
and keep up the great work!  Contact me privately if you would like digital 
copies of presentation materials that you can have printed and laminated to 
help get your point across.

Clear skies and good seeing,
Keep looking up!

Cliff Haas
Chairman of Light Pollution Education
Astronomical Society of Greater Hartford

Light Pollution Awareness Website (LiPAW)

Do pink clouds adorn your night sky?  They shouldn't.
Please join the IDA!  http://www.darksky.org
Help to see more stars in the night!  Join IDA today! 

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Message: 3
   Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2001 10:35:31 +1100
   From: "Reg Wilson" <regrw@acay....au>
Subject: National Attention to Loss of Night Sky

The national daily newspaper for Australia "The Australian" carried a front page article titled " City lights sending the planet blind" on Thursday 15th Feb.. This resulted from effective action by Assoc. Prof. Fred Watson - Astronomer in Charge, Anglo Australian Observatory at Siding Spring supported by the Aust./ NZ office of IDA.. THe article was headed with a large (11inch x 5.5 inch) full colour print of the dramatic NASA graphic of the World by night. For US list members this newspaper is similar to US Today.

The article continued into page 2 and covered several controversial floodlighting installations which both IDA and AAO are discussing with the owners. After some effort a link to the article (no graphic) as been obtained - I hope it works for you!

Reg. R. Wilson  MIES
Aust./NZ Office - IDA

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Message: 4
   Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 19:12:13 -0800
   From: "Paul Greenhalgh" <fvas@home...>
Subject: Re: Subject: Closure of Cineplex Movie Theatres

Actually Kim the one in Abbotsford Clearbrook was Light Pollution Friendly.
In other words you would have never known it was there. aside from the
Marque's. The one that Angela is fighting is located in Langley and is
relatively newly built. Unless of course, some financial wizard as over
spent the budget and they are forced to close the doors.

I like my movies like the next guy, but I don't like the lights firing up my
sky either.
Angela is my co-darksky-warrior here in B.C. I would give the appropriate
But as you say, I feel badly for the people who now find themselves on the
unemployment lines.

Paul Greenhalgh (Director-Website Editor)
Fraser Valley Astronomers Society
British Columbia Canada

> Good Morning,
> By now I am sure that you know that the
> Loews Cineplex  Entertainment  Corp. has announced the
> closure of 23 of its  Canadian theatres
> Listed below are the ones in British Columbia.  Angela Squires,  if
> you  are on the list, is the one in Vanvouver the one that the  Light
> Pollution  Committee  has been fighting ?
> Abbotsford: Clearbrook, immediately. 
> Vancouver: Pinetree on Feb. 20; Station Square
> immediately


Message: 5
   Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 19:50:36 -0800
   From: "Paul Greenhalgh" <fvas@home...>
Subject: Sad but true! Aurora Reflectus???

This just in from another source, but even our teens are beginning to notice
the Light Pollution Problem!

 >While traveling last night (north of
course) my 14-year old wants-to-be-an-astronomer son sat up suddenly
in the back seat and said "Look Dad, an aurora!"
   I complemented him on his observing skills but pointed out it was
not an aurora but a reflection on the clouds from the city we were
traveling to (Ogallala, Nebraska). I then pointed east and told him
the glow over there was from North Platte and after pointing west to
two smaller glows from small towns in that direction.
   He was somewhat dissappointed but said, "I guess I will tell Mrs.
Martin (his science teacher) on Monday about viewing the "Aurora
Reflectus." I said, "Yes, that should get you some extra points, or
some strange looks."   :) <snip>

AURORA REFLECTUS hmmmm has a nice ring to it don't you think? The above
was taken from the Aurora Watch Team's communication group. Another group
severely affected
by Light Pollution!

Paul Greenhalgh (Director-Website Editor)
Fraser Valley Astronomers Society
British Columbia Canada
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