Illumination by the Moon

(direct light only; a general planetary ephemeris is also possible)

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Another option is to use your own command line (ev. overriding all previous data):

(`?' gives help, adding `k3' would give a luminous flux density as if it were no Earth).

Planet topocentric (Long.= 16.600, Lat.= 49.200 degrees)
coordinates on
2019- 8-22  at 17:52: 0, expressed in UTC, or
2019- 8-22  at 19:52: 0  (Thursday)
 expressed in the used time, which is  2.00 h ahead of the UTC:

Julian date :  2458718.2444   Local sidereal time : 17: 1:24

Planet from S  ang.height far L-LS  illumin.  b    PA  long. PhA
       -------- -------  ---- ----  ------- ----- -----  --- ----
       degrees  degrees   AU  degr.   lux        d e g r e e
                        Ea.R.                                col.
Moon    -150.82 -23.81  62.1  -100   0        6.5 -14.6 -6.2 175.8

> far  <  gives distance of the body from the Earth (in Earth radii for Moon),
> L-LS <  difference of the ecliptical longitude of the body
           from that of the Sun (if positive, the body is east from the Sun),
> old  <  for Moon is  (L-LS / 360 degrees) *  29.53059 days
> Illu.<  horizontal direct illumination by the object
> b    <  planetographic latitude of the subterrestrial point
> PA   <  position angle of the central meridian of the planet
> long <  planetographic longitude of the subterrestrial point
> PhA  <  "phase angle", i.e., angle Sun-body-Earth.
> col. <  for Moon is the so-called colongitudo (its PhA=abs(L-LS))

This is a result of the programme planet (available as a part of a package (1.2 MB) -- the needed Pascal units themselves are unzipped within this directory, the whole tree of my programmes within this directory) with a command line:
planet c10  d22.08.2019 t19:52 l16.6 f49.2 ut2 ze20 i